Tomato Cucumber Sandwich on Onion & Corn Bread with Olive & Kale Tapenade

I literally could not stop eating this. It tastes so incredibly vibrant and delicious that I bet you won’t be able to control yourself either. The bread is moist, chewy and bursting with flavour from the veggies it’s made from; so it pairs perfectly with the fillings of tomatoes, cucumber and kale …

Here’s Proof That Exercise Changes Everything

While most of us are probably aware of the powerful benefits of regular exercise, we’re clearly not all convinced: Just about 20 percent of American adults over the age of 18 meet the government’s recommended guidelines when it comes to physical activity, according to a CDC report.

4 Strategies for Keeping the Weight Off for Good

Improve those odds for keeping the weight off with these four strategies….

How to Enjoy Eating Out and Eating Healthy

Whether you’re on a business trip, family vacation, or simply treating yourself to a night of no cooking, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your healthy eating habits and fill your tummy with sludge. There are healthy menu items at nearly every restaurant chain; you just have to…

How To Eat Mindfully, A Practice That Will Change Your Life

During the 25 years I have eaten exclusively vegetarian (the last 15 years of which have been completely plant-based), I have noticed a reaction that has not been described here, and which I call “the Vegasm.”

More Is Not Better: Why 100 Reps Is a Bad Idea

Repetition may be the mother to mastery, but when it comes to excessive reps in fitness, the cons may outnumber the pros.
As a fitness professional, I can respect the mental strength and positive behavioral change that an individual may acquire from performing 100 or more repetitions in a row.

12 Delicious Fruit Salads and Salsa Recipes

Take your favorite fresh fruit to another flavor level, and get even more fruit in your diet, with these easy recipes.

Fastest Fat Burners Ever

People who run for at least four hours a week melt more calories than non-runners, even when they?re not running, a Yale University School of Medicine study reports.
Whether you’re working out at the gym or at home, burn calories and erase flab with these 20 fast fat-burners.

10 Diet Changes That Will Drastically Improve Your Health

We can all make improvements to our diets and to our health. Here are 10 ideas you might not have thought about that will make a positive impact on your health.

Everything You Know About Fat Is Wrong

You can’t blame patients for being skeptical. After years of advocating low-fat diets, Dr. Oz recently declared that eating saturated fat might not actually be all that bad.Read More

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