How to Lose Body Fat: 4 Steps

In order to lose body fat, you will first need to get organized and create a solid plan. Right planning is very important when it comes to attaining your desired goals. Every good weight loss plan consists of two major parts: nutrition and exercise. Nutrition is all about making wise food choices and watching your calorie intake, while exercise helps you burn off some of the calories you consume. If you would like to lose body fat quickly and keep it off, you will need to find a balance between those two. Here are 4 steps to help you achieve your goals:

1: Portion Sizes
When it comes to regulating your calorie intake, portion sizes play a major role. It is very important to keep portion sizes small. They should usually be around the size of your fist. Also, it is recommended to eat 4 to 5 smaller meals throughout the day, rather than having 1 to 2 big meals. Eating smaller portions throughout the day keeps your metabolism in a fat-burning mode.

2: Eat Filling Foods That Are Low in Calories
Avoid eating foods high in carbohydrates and trans fats. Instead, try to consume mostly high-fiber foods such as vegetables and salads. These foods are low in calories and digest slower, which means you won’t get hungry as often.

3: Keep Track
In order to obtain the best results, it is imperative for you to keep track of what you eat, as well as your overall results. Losing weight is about burning more calories than you consume. Therefore, knowing your calorie intake will help you plan better for the future.

4: Physical Activity
As important it is to watch what you eat, it is just as important that you exercise as often as possible. Not only does exercise help you lose body fat, but it also strengthens your heart and speeds up your metabolism. You can do something as simple as walking or jogging for about 45 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week.

It is important that you stay focused on your goals and create a plan. Following these 4 steps should help you lose the undesired body fat and transform your body quickly. However, it is also imperative that you stay determined and disciplined in order to produce the best results.

Coconut Oil Can Help Reduce Belly Fat


Not all fats are created equal. That’s at least what a recent scientific study has found. The fat that is most commonly known as coconut oil has been found to play a major role in reducing belly fat.

In the last couple of years, there has been a big buzz about coconut oil. This “superfood,” produced from the flesh of coconuts, possesses many health benefits. Studies have now shown that coconut oil can help reduce cholesterol levels, boost thyroid function, and even increase digestion. It has also been praised about its remarkable antiviral and antibacterial properties as well. But, did you also know that coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids that have a very positive and powerful effect on the metabolism.

Coconut oil differs greatly from most other fats. Unlike most foods that contain mainly long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil consists almost entirely of medium chain fatty acids. Unlike the long-chain fatty acids, the medium-chain fatty acids are metabolized more easily into energy coming from the digestive track to the liver. Since they are used for energy, they are less likely to be stored in your body, especially the troubled areas like your belly and your thighs.

The study shows, the participants who consumed 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily with their diet, had exceptionally good cholesterol and significantly reduced their waistline. Other participants, who were given other good forms of “good” fats, like soybean oil, did not produce the same results. So the researchers in the study came to a conclusion that supplementation with coconut oil seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity if combined correctly with your diet and calorie intake.

Note: There are many different kinds of coconut oil out there. The best and most effective kind to purchase is organic raw coconut oil.

Weight Loss Calculator: Why You Need One

A lot has been said about the weight loss calculator. This will particularly apply to people seeking to lose weight or extra body fat. It is a known fact that obesity has become a major issue in the United States, as well as the rest of the world. More and more people are becoming obese by the day. In order to deal with this social problem, people are trying all sorts of workouts, diet plans, and weight loss supplements. However, in order to produce the best results it is imperative you use a weight loss calculator.

Best Approach
One of the challenges of trying to lose body fat is not knowing your right body structure. This has led people to use a weight loss program that is not necessarily suited for their body type. Shedding off those extra pounds should be determined by your height, weight, age, body type, and metabolism. The calculator uses all that information and helps you create a weight loss strategy or program that will work best for you. It will tell you where you stand and how much you need to lose. Such information ensures that you do not go overboard or exercise less.

Analyze Progress
Trying to lose weight without following the appropriate regimen has a number of disadvantages. First, you may end up losing too much weight all at once. Secondly, you may also injure yourself during the process. Finally, you may be working out too much or too little. Fortunately, with the calculator, you are able to monitor your progress over time.

Losing weight is not a one-off exercise. It entails a number of sequential activities. Furthermore, losing too much weight at the same time is also not advisable. This may cause health risks, as well as cause you more harm than good. A person may need to consider adopting a strategy that allows him to lose weight gradually and in a safe manner. This approach, together with a weight loss calculator, is more likely to offer positive results.

Best and Simple Ways for Fast Weight Loss

One of the surest ways of fast weight loss is drinking mainly water and shunning sweet drinks. Sweet drinks like energy drinks and fruit smoothies, contain about 100 calories, while others contain high amounts of sodium and carbohydrates, which make your body retain more water hence you start puffing out. On the contrary, water contains zero calories and negligible amounts of sodium, making it the best drink to enable one to slim down quickly.

Another quick way of fast weight loss is avoiding white carbohydrates. Examples of white carbohydrates foods are bread, cereal, potatoes, bread, pasta, and fried foods like French fries. One should only consume them after within one and a half hours after a workout of at least 20 minutes.

Once in a week one can take a break from the rigours of the tight weight loss diet and take any type of food that he or she wants. A person can intake some calories at such a time as it increases weight loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate doesn’t reduce from the extended caloric restriction. A slow metabolism will make it difficult to increase your exercise intensity or duration.

Doing cardio and strength training can be helpful too. Cardio burns the most calories. In addition to cardio one should have some few hours of strength training so as to break a sweat, thus burning most fats.

Indulging in eating fast releasing foods is also important. Such foods include proteins like eggs and pork, legumes like lentils and black beans, and vegetables like spinach and peas. You can take a meal with one from each of the groups named, but remember to keep it simple. One should eat the same few meals over and over again.

Surround yourself with color blue since it functions as an appetite suppressant. This is the reason why many food outlets, if not all, are never decorated in blue. One can practice this by serving dinner in blue plates or having a blue table mat. Colors such as yellow and orange should be avoided in your dining area, as research has shown that they improve your appetite.

The Best Natural Weight Loss Pills

Natural weight loss pills are the most ideal for people trying to lose weight and doing it really fast. These pills are based on natural, rather than manufactured chemical bases and have several advantages. The advantages and benefits come from the natural bases on which they are based. They include: weight loss with improved blood flow, and general health of the veins, arteries and the heart. This is an advantage that does not come with manufactured pills based on chemicals, which might include chemicals that interfere with your entire cardiovascular system.

The natural weight loss pills are also helpful in improving digestion and metabolism. This means that food is digested faster, producing much more energy. Other weight loss pills may reduce your energy leaving you feeling slightly lethargic and tired most of the time. On the other hand, natural weight loss pills are based on energy producing nutrients, which are likely to make you more energetic. There are some natural based pills that also help the cells to breathe much better and increase oxidation of the cells. When your cells are more healthy, you continue to lose weight, while at the same time remaining very energetic.

One of the concerns for people attempting to lose weight is the accumulation of fat around the body. High cholesterol causes unsightly body images from the collection of fat in certain areas. Natural weight loss pills, work by ensuring that you get the required fiber and that the accumulation of fat and cholesterol is fought from within. With natural weight loss pills, you may not even need to leave your chair; you can rest while the body fights fat for you. Natural weight loss pills work fast and best, ensuring that you can achieve the most efficient weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplements for Your Weight Loss Needs

In our fast-paced society, who has time to lose weight? We walk around, carrying all this extra baggage on our middle, eating quickly between working, taking care of the kids, and sleeping. And we wake up to do it all over again, day after day! If you’re tired of dragging all that extra weight around, there is a solution for you. Weight loss supplements are the answers for healthy, fast fat-shedding. But with all the information floating out there, where should you start?

Our information regarding weight loss supplements comes directly from the best: we’ve looked to Natural Standard’s elaborate supplement research.

1. The Best-Kept Weight Loss Supplement Secrets of Hydroxycitric Acid

You’ve probably heard of HCA, which stands for Hydroxycitric Acid. It’s a natural element taken from the rind of Southeastern Asian plants: in particular, the Garcinia Cambodia and the brindal berry. It’s the number-one ingredient in various diet products: things with names like Citrin or Bio-Max 3000. HCA is wonderful at decreasing your appetite, killing your LDL cholesterol, and decreasing the fat absorption after you eat. Take this supplement as often as you’d like; its benefits are limitless! And it’s completely natural.

2. Protein is King: Whey or Soy Protein as Weight Loss Supplements

You’ve heard it all before: build your muscles to aid with weight-loss. But how? Look to weight supplements such as soy or whey protein to aid in building muscles and decreasing your appetite. The more protein you intake, the less you’ll be riffling through your snack drawer. And you’ll have the lean muscles to prove that your weight loss strategy is working!

3. Ancient African Tradition: Natural Mango Seeds

When looking to lose weight, why not try a weight loss supplement that’s worked for centuries in all countires of Africa? The African Mango tress boasts some incredibly fibrous seeds that have recently been combined to make top of the line weight loss supplements. Best of all, the seeds have been shown to reduce cholesterol!

Weight Loss Foods

One of the simplest ways to lose weight is by eating more, not just of anything but of weight loss foods. Eating right and healthy helps in calorie burning and makes one crave less of grubs and snacks which are the main causes of obesity and overweight cases. These are some of the foods you should have in your daily diet to help you shed off that extra weight:

Apples – Rich in antioxidants, they can help you eat less calories when consumed before the main course. It is also rich in vitamins and is a healthy, thirst quenching, naturally- sugared snack.

Black Beans – They don’t contain saturated fats, are filling and full of proteins.

Oats – Rich in starch and fiber and keep you full for a long time. They also boost your metabolism and help in fat burning.

Kale – One serving of kale contains calcium, iron, and fiber. It is full of vitamins and roughage to aid digestion.

Avocados – Oleic acid is a healthy compound found in avocados, which helps to curb hunger. It also has fiber, vitamins and protein.

Lentils – They are known for belly flattening. Consuming them prevents insulin spikes in the abdomen.

Salmon – Is a source of lean protein that keeps you satisfied without getting you fat. Has fish fats which also help to shrink the waist.

Goji Berries – Are full of protein with 18 different amino acids, satisfying and they help to curb hunger.

Blueberries – These are filling snacks full of fiber and calories and are known for their anti-aging effects on the body. They are rich in anti-oxidants.

Broccoli – Also famous for cancer prevention, it is full of fiber, vitamins, and healthy calories.

Chiles – They are known for increasing metabolism and fat burning due to capsaicin which is a compound found in them. It has been proven to burn extra calories after intake.

Weight Loss Tips

Obesity has become a big problem today. Statistics show that obesity has doubled from the year 1980. There are many things an individual can do to prevent obesity. Below are some weight loss tips to help you prevent obesity.

To begin with, physical activity is recommended. Exercise is very important if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Through exercise, you will be able to build muscles and gain more energy. You metabolism will greatly increase since muscles have a higher metabolic rate compared to fat. It is advisable to incorporate some strength training routines to your daily exercise program. About fifteen to twenty sessions weekly will have a large impact on your health and physical strength. You will start burning fat and thus lose weight.

Secondly, distinguish between good and bad fats. Only add healthy fats to your diet. Such fats include omega fatty acids, like those present in fresh fish.The highest quantity of good omega fatty acids is found in salmon. Two to three servings on a weekly basis could be very helpful and healthy to your weight loss. Monounsaturated fatty acids are very effective when it comes to weight loss.

Thirdly,eliminate sugar from your diet completely, especially if you are trying hard to lose weight. Consuming too much sugar will signal your body to utilize insulin to start burning it off. This will make your insulin levels rise. It is advisable to reduce your sugar intake to less than ten percent of your daily intake of calories.

Lastly, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. If you find that hard, add lime or fresh lemon. Drink about four to six glasses of water daily. Drinking water makes you feel full. This way, you will not be tempted to consume fruit juices or sodas that are filled with sugar and contain lots of calories.

All About Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss has health benefits. In fact, the benefits are numerous and powerful. People eat vegetables to get the essential vitamins and minerals. However, cooking vegetables makes them lose much of the essential nutrient content. Even if the vegetables are eaten raw, our bodies are not capable of completely breaking down the enzymes present in vegetables and fruits. That means that our bodies miss a lot of the nutrients present in these foods.

Juicing fresh vegetables and fruits helps break the enzymes down, releasing the much required nutrients. This way, we are able get all the benefits these foods have to provide. Getting such nutrients in liquid form will eliminate the process of digestion, which basically breaks down solids and allows the nutrients to be immediately absorbed by the body. The nutrients are then sent to the essential organs, through the digestive tract. Below are some of the benefits associated with juicing for weight loss.

To begin with, it facilitates total absorption of essential minerals and vitamins present in vegetables and fruits. This eliminates the need for unnatural vitamin supplements. Secondly, juicing ensures your digestive tract functions smoothly. Constipation will be a thing of the past. Juicing also functions as a natural colon cleanse. It enables toxins to be flushed from the body. It also assists a lot when it comes to relieving heart burn or upset stomach. Most of the people who like juicing for weight loss, experience an ‘uplift’ immediately after ingesting the juice. The main reason behind this is the immediate absorption of minerals and vitamins into the body.

In a nutshell, juicing has been proven to be very healthy. However, eliminating the other foods completely from your diet is not considered healthy. You can easily suffer from medical problems. It is advisable to add juicing to your weight loss program.

Some Incredible Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

One of the most common worries which people following a weight loss diet often complain about, is the fact that they cannot indulge in their favorite desserts and smoothies. But there is no need to worry anymore. By simply altering some ingredients of the smoothies, like dairy products and sugar, you can consume a vast variety of smoothies, that are not only delicious, but also foster weight loss.

Creamy Coconut Macadamia Coffee Smoothie
This smoothie recipe is a great option for weight loss smoothie recipes . Not only is it absolutely incredible to taste but also extremely healthy as the ingredients are picked keeping the weight loss diet in mind.

1) Coconut milk – 3/4 cup
2) Cold coffee – 1/2 cup
3) Avocado – 1/4 cup
4) Macadamia nuts – 1/4 cup
5) Ice – 1/4 cup
6) Stevia – 2 scoops.

Add all the recipes into the blender and blend until a smooth consistency is attained. Garnish it with a few macadamia nuts and almond flakes for an added texture.

This recipe serves 1 person.

This smoothie is also a great idea as a low carb breakfast recipe, as it uses coconut milk instead of full fat milk and uses stevia, which is a low calorie substitute, for sugar. Hence this is also a dairy free and glutten free recipe.

Chocolate Cocoa Macadamia Coffee Smoothie
Another smoothie recipe which is a hot favorite is the Chocolate Cocoa Macadamia Coffee Smoothie. The recipe has a very rich texture with a mild flavor . Also considering the recipe uses fat free frozen yogurt instead of ice cream , one can happily enjoy this recipe while keeping the extra calories at bay.

1) Banana – 2
2) Fat free frozen yogurt – 1 cup
3) Cold coffee – 1/2 cup
4) Almond milk – 1 cup
5) Unsweetened cocoa powder – 2 table spoons
6) Light whipped cream – 1 cup

1) Add all the smoothie ingredients except the whipped cream to a blender and blend till all becomes smooth and creamy.
2) Transfer the smoothie to a serving glass and top it with the light whipped cream.
3) Creamy coconut Maca raw chocolate smoothie

This recipe serves 2 persons.

The White Chocolate Macadamia Smoothie
This is yet another popular weight loss smoothie recipe that is also low carb and glutten free.

1) Unsweetened almond milk – 1 cup
2) Vanilla greek yogurt ( if not available you can even use fat free frozen yogurt) – 1/2 cup
3) Banana – 1
4) White chocolate chips – 2 tablespoons
5) Macadamia nuts – 2 table spoons
6) Flaxseed ( linseed meal) – 1 table spoon
7) White chia seeds – 1 tea spoon
8) Cinnamon – 1/2 teaspoon
9) Ice cubes – 6

Place all the ingredients of the smoothie in a blender and blend until they become creamy and smooth.

These weight loss smoothies are extremely simple to make and also use ingredients that are easily available. So try these weight loss smoothie recipes and enjoy, as they are delicious, as well as low carb and glutten free recipes.

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